How to bring some humor into your relationship

bring humor into relationship

Watch a funny movie

Watching a funny movie can really get the creative juices flowing and allow for a light-hearted night. Try making sure you both have the night free to do a movie binge, get some popcorn and sit down together to select the movies. Any movie sites like Netflix will do. You don’t even need to watch a movie! You both could start a new series together that is comedy themed and this will be perfect. Not only that but you will probably get some inside jokes from this, which will definitely help to bring in some well-needed humor.

Go to a comedy show!

Just like watching a funny movie, going to a comedy show can bring in the humour. If anything this is a much better option as it is also a fun trip to do on a weekend as part of a date. Not only are you having a fun time but you also get to have a date night that can really bring back some excitement to a relationship. It will be just like you are dating again for the first time. Try and pick a comedian you both enjoy as this will create a stronger bond to an event and even initiate a conversation about the show once it has finished, picking out your favourite parts to go over and add to.

Fun nicknames

This is a super playful way of opening up a fun conversation and also creating some inside jokes. However, approach with caution as the goal of this is not to offend, so stick to cute and sweet that can still be used in a funny way. Something too cute can make it too lovey-dovey and will just make it sickly, so try to find the balance.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

Taking yourself too seriously can never end well and it always helps to loosen up a bit and laugh at your mistakes. Chances are it will lighten the mood and allow your partner to laugh with you. Once again making some inside jokes that will create this stronger bond you may be looking for.

Cook a themed dinner together

This is a really fun evening to share and is perfect for mixing things up in the kitchen. If you’re not sure what a themed dinner is: basically the aim is to pick a country and then make a delicacy from there that you’ve always wanted to try. To make this even, one of you can make the main and the other can be in charge of the desert. Teamwork and an entertaining night together, what’s not to like? This is also a great opportunity for a tradition in a relationship, that can be used after a particularly stressful week.

So these have been some quick and easy tips on injecting some humor into your relationship. These are easy to implement and have limited risks of causing long-term arguments. If you are still in need of some inspiration then follow this link for more tips.

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